11 August      Susan M.

How Content Delivery Network Can Boost Your Website Performance

In 2020, worldwide online Content Delivery Network (CDN) traffic is projected to reach 252 exabytes per month. To give you some perspective, this figure equals to 252 million TB of data.

Many businesses have started leveraging the CDN network to improve their website’s user experience to gain a competitive advantage in the online market arena.

But what is Content Delivery Network? And how can it boost your website performance?
Let’s find out!

Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a network of geographically dispersed servers that locate copies of web content closer to users to improve website performance.

CDN server stores caches copies of a website, including text and media files, from the host website, which enable faster, high-quality performance.

For instance, if a website user in the United States tries to access a UK-based website, the CDN process the request from an edge server in the US.

Consequently, the media-rich content on the website will load faster, which will provide a better and more productive browsing experience to the user.

How Content Delivery Network Can Boost Your Website Performance

Improved conversion rates

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

A CDN drastically improves the content load times and allows businesses to meet their customer expectations.

Faster the page content loads, better customer engagement, which will eventually translate into improved conversion rates.

Reduced bandwidth consumption

Every time a website loads, HTTP requests go to the origin server to load the content. The more the requests, the higher the volume of transferred data leading to increased bandwidth consumption.

A CDN greatly reduces the bandwidth consumption by storing copies of content closer to web users.

The cached files eliminate the need to deliver the same content again and again, hence less data needs to be transferred in and out.

Reduced latency

In the context of a website, latency is the minimum delay that occurs when users request web resources. Lower the latency, the faster the load time.

The long-distance between the server and the end-user can increase the amount of time required for the data packet to travel, resulting in higher latency.

As the CDN store cached files close to the end user’s geo-location, it can significantly reduce latency and result in a faster browsing experience.

What’s more?

A hosting solution that comes with the CDN feature can significantly boost your website performance. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, a CDN offers:

  • Improved response to traffic surges
  • Better security
  • Greater user experience

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