About us

Who we are ?

You have probably heard about young entrepreneurs who have come up with their own great idea while drinking beer at their favourite bar. And about their best friends or roommates who have decided to start a business together?
Well, we are not of them ...

We have founded JoivHost with a clear idea – to change the way a hosting company is perceived. Hosting services are not just a product bought for 2 or 200 bucks. The success and revenue of organizations and businesses rely on how a website is performing online.

You can always rely on us - We'll grow with you. As much as you need us to. Without even breaking a sweat.

Why choose us and not any other company on the market?

It is not only a question of quick servers. Here are some of the reasons to choose us as your hosting partner.

1. We are always here – a real 24/7/365 support. You can write us at 4 o’clock in the morning on New Year’s Eve and there will be someone ready to help you.

2. Affordable prices – Let’s be honest – if you take into account every function and little extra we offer you will immediately come to the conclusion that there is no better offer on the market. At the same time we offer additional services that will meet the needs of even the most pretentious clients or projects with hundreds of thousands visits per day. Sometimes there is a need for something more than a regular hosting and JoivHost is exactly what you are looking for.

3. A new hosting partner – clients need a new hosting partner. Traditional hosting is dying out, traffic is increasing and standard servers cannot bear that kind of overload.
A new solution is needed – a solution that can bear the overpressure without affecting the price and quality of the services. Yes, we can say JoivHost is a new generation of hosting services.

4. Innovations - JoivHost is one of the few companies that offers access to technologies such as nginx, php-fpm, varnish, HA, Zend PHP Performance and many more directly to its clients using shared hosting.

5. Superb custom configurations guaranteeing flawless and fast work flow of your online project.

6. Over 18 years of experience ensuring the comfort of our valuable clients.

7. We'll grow with you. As much as you need us to. Without even breaking a sweat.

Time Machine

Our story


The Present

After a decade, we decided to unite everything created in one.
And here we are. With servers in 10 data centers around the world, operating with one of the most advanced 13 Tbps DDoS protected networks, the result is JoivHost

Present days

The focus

In October 2016, we've launched a brand only for dedicated servers. The servers from which our clients could choose were over 130 in 8 different locations around the world

2016 October

Тhe Headway

In March 2014 we've launched a company only for SSL certificates, offering all types and brands at one place.

2014 March

The Expansion

At the beginning of January 2013, we decided to expand our services with: Domains, VPS, Dedicated Servers and SSL certificates.

2013 January

The Big Bang

In November 2010, we've founded a United Kingdom based hosting company, offering only shared hosting, with a clear idea – to change the way a hosting company is perceived.

2010 November

Our Data Centers

JoivHost low latency network has a dedicated primary 13 Tbps capacity and the ability to burst up to 20 Tbps through our peering partners.

Looking for help ? We are always here !

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