18 December      Mira N.

Why Websites Go Down? And Why Uptime Is Crucial for Your Website?

Websites are an important channel for businesses to engage with their audience; because of this constant engagement and increasing competition, businesses must ensure the availability of their website. In this blog, we’ll discuss why websites go down and why uptime is crucial. 

Why Do Websites Go Down?

1. Spike in Traffic

Traffic spikes are a result of a surge of people visiting a website because of viral content from websites like Quora, Reddit, or BuzzFeed. 

2. Maintenance

All websites require maintenance and updates. However, the hosting service should make sure that the maintenance shouldn’t take place during peak hours. It can minimize damage to your business’s reputation.

3. Hacker Attack

Hackers can overload your website with DDoS attacks, steal security credentials, and inject malicious codes. It will force businesses to shut down their websites and find a solution.

4. Code Issues

Poor programming done by your hosting service can put heavy loads on the server and result in an unresponsive website.

Why is Uptime Important?

1. Customer Loyalty and Trust

Nothing tarnishes your brand image quicker than an unreachable website. It doesn’t matter if your company is related to technology or not. Reachability and responsiveness are always like utilities, like power and water — always present. Failure to do so can lose your customer and profits. 

2. Lost Revenue

A non-responsive website can make your services and products unavailable for the world to consume. They remain unavailable until the issue is resolved. Let’s say, your website is down for two hours. You won’t be able to sell and promote your products for two hours. Old and potential new customers will only be led to an unresponsive website, losing you thousands of dollars in revenue.

If you’re purely an online business, your brand image and profits are going to get the worst hit. An easy way to calculate the lost revenue is by multiplying the website downtime with the revenue you earn per hour. Then figure the percentage of your revenue that comes from your website. Let’s say, it’s 10%, and you make $200 per hour. 2 hours of downtime will lose you $40!

3. Better Search Engine Optimization

Google tracks all the websites and ranks them based on different criteria — one being responsiveness. If Google finds your website to be consistently unresponsive, it will penalize it by reducing its ranking. Although a shorter downtime, of a few hours, won’t hurt your ranking, a longer span may contribute to it. 

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